RULMAK, has been founded in 1977 by Necdet KILINÇ who has been still our chairman of board of directors. Our firm which began manufacturing products in small workshops during the first years, has put forward a great performance.
As a result, it has caught a positive increase in its sector by developing its working capacity, and its quality of production and variety.
Afterwards, the enterprise became a partnership and has gone on producing in its factory in Barakfakih Industrial Area which is located on 18. Km of the Ankara Road, by reinforcing the managerial and technical structure of the firm.
It still provides service for doing the best in our country and on the world by applying the latest innovations of the technology. Inside and outside the country the whole establishment and assembling of the timber factories have been done by us. We are getting the appreciation of our customers for giving all type of service of spare parts and maintanance process in short time with the widespread service network founded %70 of our sales are made to foreing countries, while %30 are made in the domestic market. Our products are mainly exported to Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, and to the former Yugoslavia countries.
Seeing that our machines are working wiht full capacity aboard pleases us as RULMAK very much. Therefore, we are proud of our machines. Our aim is to do the best, and the most favourable, and to make known our title to the whole world. In order to reach this aim, we will make all the necessary sacrifices.
We thank you for your interest in our company.